Friday, March 27, 2009


District Threads:-
Launched in 2005, District Threads clothing items are perfect for all formal and informal occasions, manufactured from the best fabric that won’t let you down. District Threads apparel are the premier choice for big and tall men who are looking for clothes that give comfort and style with a relaxed body fit. District Thread is all about a smart balance between fashion and function that combine environmental responsibility with casual style and outdoor wear. Moreover, District Threads manufactures new fashion-forward look in big and tall men’s clothing.
District Threads Clothing:-
District Threads produces wide selections of Big and tall mens formal and informal clothing that include District Threads Business Bags, District Threads Team T-Shirts, District Threads Board shorts, District Threads Hooded Sweatshirt, District Threads Crewneck Sweatshirt, District Threads Mens Fleece Jackets, District Threads Performance Jackets, District Threads Fashion Knits, District Threads Knit Polo Shirts, District Threads Long Sleeve T-Shirt and District Threads Mens Short Sleeve Shirts.
We at BigntallApparel carry full line of best and fashionable District Threads products which include
  1. Microfleece Stitch Jacket
  2. Vintage Fleece Full Zip Hoodie
  3. Camo Perfect Weight District Tee
  4. Tricot Track Pant
  5. Distressed Cap
  6. Montezuma Messenger Bag
  7. Pigment-Dyed T-Shirt
  8. Long Sleeve Pigment-Dyed T-Shirt
  9. Pigment-Dyed Crewneck Sweatshirt
  10. 100% Organic Perfect Weight T-Shirt
  11. Pima-Tek Polo Sport Shirt With Contrast Stitching
  12. Vintage Ringer T-Shirt
  13. Stretch Pique Polo Sport Shirt
  14. Modern Pique Polo
  15. Contrast Waist Boardshorts
  16. Track Jacket With Piping
  17. Canvas Field Messenger Bag ... < DISTRICT THREADS CLOTHES >
District Threads is also known as a Complete Brand because it offers a full range of everyday men’s big and tall apparel.

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