Thursday, March 26, 2009

About Cornerstone Clothing Manufacturer

Cornerstone: - Introduced in 1995, Cornerstone is an executive menswear brand available in a wide range of big sizes at incredible prices. Moreover, Cornerstone manufacturer is a participating brand with the Fair Labor Association - A nonprofit organization that promotes adherence to international labor standards and helps improve working conditions worldwide. Cornerstone work wear has a high reputation in the industry as being a highly reliable, durable and versatile big and tall men’s manufacturer. Cornerstone meets the IL50 standard which means it is designed to give you a minimum of 50 heavy-duty laundering cycles.
Cornerstone Clothing
Cornerstone Apparel strives hard to provide the best work-wear conerstone apparel at affordable rates. In addition, Cornerstone is dedicated to providing work wear items of big and tall men's clothing. With great features and style, Cornerstone clothing delivers the industrial durability required for today’s best Men’s work wear. With over 2.7 million square feet of warehouse space located in USA, Cornerstone is the perfect choice for today’s professionals. Moreover, Cornerstone has proved itself to be constructed from the most durable fabric of work wear across America.

Cornerstone Apparel
Cornerstone apparel is the perfect Men’s work-wear for today’s toughest working conditions; when it comes to reliability, durability and affordable work wear clothing, you will discover that Cornerstone is the ideal choice. Choose Cornerstone for the best look, feel and comfortability that today’s big and tall men are looking for.

Cornerstone manufactures a vast range of Cornerstone Hooded Sweatshirt, Cornerstone Work Shirts, Cornerstone Safety Hats, and Cornerstone Work Jackets Vests.

We at carry full line of best and fashionable Cornerstone products which include:
  1. Long Sleeve Striped Industrial Work Shirt
  2. Jacket with Reflective Taping
  3. Hooded Sweatshirt with Thermal Lining
  4. Men's Work Jacket
  5. Compliant Safety Work Vest < Cornerstone Clothes >
BNT is a certified dealer of Cornerstone. We do both wholesale and retail.

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