Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Want to look like a Golf Pro? Get Big and Tall Golf Shirts and Feel the Difference!

Picture this: Tiger Woods and Greg Norman, towering golf luminaries as they are, and you can’t help but wonder--how do they carry themselves with such finesse? How do they maintain that elegance the moment they step out from their golf carts? I mean, talent aside—there’s an aura about them,and it’s not just because they’re amazing at what they do—which they are.
Well people. It is time we let you in on their secret. And the truth, as they say, will set you free.

The Key to their Image is their Wardrobe

Sitting down yet? Good. Because you too can look like the best and feel great too. Why do so many brands send free customized gear to athletes? The same reason the athletes sign deals to promote them—because image and performance go hand in hand. For those bigger athletes (what’s up Shaq?) It’s all a matter of getting the best big and tall gold shirts.

So lets start with the basics, shall we?

If you’re tall and lanky (which—in the modeling industry, you’d have no problem—everywhere else…well), you’ll most likely hit a few brick walls. Those walls will most likely be painted with your blood, sweat and tears over years of fashion-fails—not because you as a person don’t have the ‘eye’, but because your options are so limited in the mainstream fashion world.
 But hey, things aren’t so bad if you know where to look! There is such a thing as Big and Tall golf shirts and those too—by big name brands.

It’s time to take the first step into your personal fashion-dom. Ask your local clothes stores if they’ve heard of BATA (that’s code for big & Tall Affiliates). And that’s when the magic carpet ride begins—you’ll be seeing a whole new world of big and tall golf shirts—among other assorted clothing items!
You see BATA has been working to make your favorite stores fully compliant with big and tall apparel choices. Forget the clothes that are either too big or ill-fitting for you. Now you can get the apparel that fits and flatters, leaving you more comfortable and confident than you’ve ever been..

You‘re almost done!

So you finally got the big and tall golf shirts for you that bring out your A-game. So why not flaunt your newfound style in the golf course? It is finally time to walk tall (literally and figuratively). And we haven’t even talked about how golf polo shirts make for amazing casual wear.
Afraid of a potential Fashion faux pass? With big and tall golf shirts, you needn’t worry about that! They are accessible and versatile. So go ahead, give them a spin.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Big & Tall Men’s Clothing – Putting an End to the Confusion

Have you ever walked into a clothing store and left feeling unsatisfied because:

      The clothes are too short (not tall)
b        The clothes don’t fit otherwise (not big)

Okay so...That one store didn’t had the right stuff. So you move on to another. Then another. And before you know it, you’ve successfully exhausted the stores around with nothing to show.
What’s the deal with these clothing stores anyway? Are the big and tall people just not looking in the right places? Or does this market just not cater to big and tall people? Are we THAT behind in fashion inclusivity?
Luckily, there are methods that can help the big and tall moving amongst us achieve that fashion nirvana.

But first lets tackle the Big vs. Tall Debate

Big. Tall. Two different words that have long been confused as the same thing; especially when the employees have no concept of how clothes fit and look on big and tall people. Let’s demystify them.
In the fashion world, big refers to someone with large size chest, hip and waist. As for tall, any guy more than 6’ is blessed with this moniker.
As simple and easy as that.
However, you can be big AND tall, those body types are not mutually exclusive—as hard as mainstream fashion tries to imply.

Ok so that takes care of the perennial question. How can that help me?

You've got the imposing height, the broad shoulders, and legs for days.It’s time you dress that bod like the masterpiece it is!
So let’s begin, shall we?
Start by discarding the manufacturer-first mentality. Manufacturers are part of the problem. You’d be hard-pressed to find one that uses a uniform XL size category. For instance, Brand A’s size XL differs wildly from Brand B’s. There’s no standardization here folks. As a way of ‘solving’ the clothes-don’t-fit problem, the makers have rolled out 2XL, 3XL and 4XL sizes, all of which do not take into account the Big + Tall clothing conundrum.
Now its time to find clothes that fit and COMPLIMENT you. And to do this, I’d recommend you check out the Big And Tall Associates (BATA). They’re a bunch of corporate retailers that have laid out guidelines for big and tall men’s clothing. To put it simply, these are the people you should be asking. Their efforts have ensured that you have access to clothes that fit you comfortably, are designed according to your body type, and keep you looking awesome on the regular. And the icing on the cake, BATA has locally-produced and designed clothes, giving you the chance to uplift local communities and the economy. That's reinvesting in ourselves.

The next time you venture into a retail clothing outlet, ask them if they are BATA-affiliated. This can save you a lot of time and trouble. Call your local stores too. Never again surrender at the doors of stores that don’t cater to your glorious big and tall selves.