Monday, May 5, 2014

3 Surefire Tips for Big Guys!

Being a big guy doesn’t mean that one is condemned to baggy or awful sweats. No matter what body size and shape you have, you can still look as classy as the average men. Most of the people believe that just because they are exceptionally oversized, they don’t have many clothing choices. But in my opinion, this is absolutely a wrong type of thinking because you’ll find a multitude of styles when it comes to big n tall apparel. Here is listed a few surefire tips for the Big and Tall guys out there, who thought having a classic ensemble would never be seen in their closet!
1-Accurate Measurement is a Key

Once a man’s waistline gets above 38, it’s difficult to find clothing that’s right fit and looks appropriate as well. Whenever you’re looking for a perfect fit, get accurate waist, chest and measurements. One of the biggest blunders that big guys make is selecting clothing that is loose or ill fitted. So, it’s advisable to stay away with baggy clothes, make you look even bulkier. To show off your body in its best light, opt for clothing that skims over your frame, as it will balance out your physique!

2-Dark Shades

The color palette of the clothing in your wardrobe also deserves special attention! Usually, you’ll want to stick a lot of dark or solid hues, like navy, brown, black, navy, as these color choices can make you appear 10 pounds slimmer(visually reduce your body frame). Whether it’s casual day out or night out with friends, dark hues are always my way go! 

3-Play up with Stripes!

Love to wear stripes! You can go with vertical one.. Dress shirts with a series of thin vertical stripes, one of my wardrobe staple that gives a long and slimming look. Huge array of big and tall dress shirts are available that are surely best fit your heavy-set body. The double needle stitching, patch pocket, open collar and adjustable cuffs can give a more organized and polished feel.
All of these tips are easy and foolproof. Try them out, will surely improve any big man’s outward appearance!