Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Calling All Big Guys – Get to Know Your Slimmer Side

You don’t get many second chances to make a good first impression which means you should look your best always. If looking slimmer is your goal, here are some great recommendations to help you bring out your thinner side. And those of you who thought looking slender with right big and tall apparel is next to impossible, you need to read this.
Dressing well is all about presenting your body in the best way possible, more importantly without distorting or altering your body itself. No matter you have a round belly, big bottom or really broad shoulders, these suggestions can help you look stylish without effort.

1.      Fit is Fab!
You basically have to do the exact opposite to buying bigger or baggier clothes to disguise your problem areas. Simply put, those extra pounds make you feel uncomfortable, but you have to dress your body confidently, more importantly with right size clothing. Of course wearing tighter or smaller clothes is not going to help either. Remember, all your clothing should take your body proportions into consideration and a good fit can make you look great. 

2.        Get Stripe Smart
Vertical stripes make you look taller, which is amazing for big men. Horizontal stripes, on the other hand, create an unfortunate optical illusion and make you look even more overweight so be wary of them. If you want to wear horizontal stripes, try to keep them thin.

3.       Breakdown the Color Chunk
Dressing head to toe in one color can be disastrous as you might end up looking like a large block of color. If you have a heavy lower body, try wearing dark solid color pants, denim with textured shirts or top. If you want to slim down your tummy, go for solid color shirts with textured pants or bottoms. 

4.       Let Your Shirt Hang Off
Don’t tuck your shirt in for a casual occasion as this is the best way to divert attention from your bulging tummy. Also, go for scoop necklines such as v-necks and round necks as exposed neck will make your face appear slimmer. In case of buttoned shirts, you can leave one or two buttons from the neck. Bigger men also look best if they stick to long sleeve shirts. 

5.       Choose the Right Accessories
Wearing the right belt will help your trouser fit properly without highlighting your bulges.
Now that you know you’re looking for in general, and you should be able to give your best impression without building an entirely new wardrobe.