Thursday, May 16, 2013

5-Stylish Dresses, That Make Tis Summer Sexy

Summer is here and everyone is revamping their clothing collection for this fascinating season. Now the layering is come off and you are set to show of body that has been hidden. Summer brings the vision of pretty frocks and elegant dresses. Whether it’s vibrant and playful or bright and sunny a dress can take you the next level of fashion with little more efforts or changes. Bold and new look in clothing for this season can’t ignore. Here are 5 styles that are appealing and perfect wardrobe for this summer.

Single shoulder strap dress
Single shoulder strap: Who are sick of ever popular spaghetti strap having another option of single shoulder strap to get more feminine look.

Flowery pattern women dress
Flowery pattern: Floral stimulated patterned frocks are natural, airy and light for blooming day.

Long Skirt for Womens

Long and short skirts: For bottom girls its right time to wear printed and frilled long or short skirts with stylish sleeveless top.

Pretty Peplum: Add this at the base of top and set it with tights, formal shirt this will help you look sizzling.

Sporty looks: From bodycon dresses, luxuries hooded sweatshirts to track-style looking bottom, this trend will make your spring more playful.

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