Friday, April 3, 2009


Since 1959, PING has raised the standard of golf apparel products with performance and commitment towards quality throughout the golf industry and by meeting the expectations of top golfers. PING Manufacture high-quality golf clothing and is one of the largest American wholesaler of golf apparel for big and tall men.
PING Clothes Collection reaches a level of comfort and refinement that every big and tall men desire. Moreover, the ease of movement for big and tall men in PING Clothing reminds you this collection was built for performance and rough outdoors.
PING Apparel is a popular brand of golf clubs among professional golfers as well as aspiring amateurs. The reason why the ping golf club is the perfect brand and widely used is because of its innovative, ever-changing and best design in polos. carries assorted mens big and tall clothing from PING including:-
  1. Dry-Fiber Dynamics Polo Sport Shirt With Tipped Collar
  2. Dry Fiber Dynamics Pique Jersey Jacquard Polo Sport Shirt
  3. Striped Argyle Polo Sport Shirt With Jacquard Trims
  4. Baby Pique Knit Polo Sport Shirt
  5. Jersey Knit Polo Sport Shirt With Tipped Trim
  6. Pima Pique Polo Shirt
  7. Sensor Cool Jacquard Knit Polo Sport Shirt
  8. Micro Pima Ottoman Jacquard Polo Sport Shirt
  9. Vertical Texture Polo Sport Shirt
  10. Micro Pima Tonal Stripe Polo Sport Shirt
  11. Pique Jersey Texture Polo Sport Shirt
  12. Fine Knit Pima Interlock Polo Sport Shirt
  13. Micro Pique Long Sleeved Mock Turtleneck
  14. Dry Fiber Dynamics Jacquard Polo Sport Shirt
  15. Yarn Dye Interlock Polo Sport Shirt With Tipped Trim
  16. Textured Polo Sport Shirt With Inset Side Panels
  17. Drop-Needle Polo Sport Shirt
  18. Dry-Fiber Dynamics Pique Jacquard Textured Polo Sport Shirt With Uv Protection
  19. Sandwich Visor
  20. Hooded Parka Jacket...< PING Clothing Store >
PING is also known as an ultimate Brand as it offers a complete range of PING polos which are used in our daily life whether on the golf course or at work.
BigntallApparel is a certified dealer and distributor of PING Clothes. We do wholesale and retail both at our outlet. Order Now and Save Big on Ping Collection only at Ping Store

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